Taboo Topics that No One is Talking About...But Should Be!

After close to a decade of working with individuals and couples in the space of sexual health and wellness in her small business, Karie discovered a need. The majority of women have failed to learn how to connect and understand themselves emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually.

This lack of identification and understanding is preventing us from living our best life, and the relationships with our partners, children, friends, and most importantly with ourselves, suffer.

Karie created the Big O Academy to provide a safe, judgment-free, intimate space where we can come together as all walks of women. We collaborate, learn, grow, support, and become better.. Together.

Contrary to what you may imagine, the topics discussed at the Big O aren’t just geared towards sex, although we do have some great conversations. We ask and answer questions, provide ideas, and share some stories that are too good not to. But Big O is more of a segway into a deeper understanding of self, which creates an overall more fulfilling life as a woman.

The main focus at Big O is Education, Exploration, Self-Discovery, Communication, and obtaining the Understanding and Tools to Improve our Lives. In doing this we become better wives, partners, mothers, friends… Women!

The Big O Academy is REAL Women, Discussing REAL Topics, and We Create REAL Results and Outcomes.

Contact us for more information or to reserve your seat at our next Big O Academy!